Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Izzy" Grizzly's Lady Izabelle. (Our newest addition to the grizzly kennels family)

Here's some picture I took today of our beautiful new addition, Izzy. She is stunning being very blonde, with a big, blocky head, full coat,dark pigment, stocky build, and bright eyes. She has a fantastic, calm personality and her intelligence makes it easy to train her. She already knows and obeys commands like "Sit" "Come" "Stay" "No" and many more. The amazing thing is that we've only had her about 1 week! So much progress in a short time is fabulous! She has an amazing pedigree filled with champions from all over the world. Both her parents have their health clearances, and are stunning and smart!

Here's Izzy

She sees something interesting.....

She's always so alert...also, look at her beautiful form!

Izzy's sweet face...I love the dark eyes with the blonde eye lashes <3

This picture of Izzy really shows her nice, stocky build!

This is Izzy cuddling with a shoe

Big, chunky Izzy = absolutely gorgeous! (click on it for bigger pictures)

Izzy is so cute when she's running, kinda like a little furry polar bear!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Polar and Lucy playing in the snow!!!! (also pics of Ella)



Ella looking up at me after getting snow on her nose! What a doll face!

Polar bear looks like he found something to chew on!

Polar....this boy has one nose that has incredible smelling abilities.

He's getting to be such a tall boy now...pictured here he looks rather dirty! Montana weather is so like that! One day it's mud, then the next day snow is dumped upon us!

Sweet blonde polar!

Polar and Lucy beginning their doggie play!


Dirty Lucy and Polar

at it again...

Polar tries to appear scary..

Lucy is not put off by his attempts of frightening her!

Lucy's on the ground and Polar has her ear (it is the cutest/funnest thing to watch!)

And Lucy Mae!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A visit from Lilli and Dexter dogs bought from Grizzly Kennels

Hello everyone!
It's been so long since I've blogged here. I can be bad about being consistent at something like this, especially in the summer when I'd prefer to be outdoors as much as possible! Now it has gotten rather chilly here in Missoula, so perfect time be indoors doing things like this!

Today I had a complete surprise visit from a lovely couple that had gotten two dogs from here at grizzly kennels.
Lilli was a female they had gotten from us first out of a Griz/Rosie litter! Lilli is one beautiful girl, with the most gorgeous eyes and it sounds like what I've heard about her from her new "parents" that she is very smart as well!
The second pup they had gotten from us about a half year later was the last male from a Missy/ Griz litter. Missy only had one litter since she had a c-section and they removed her uterus. He is a calm, teddy-bear type of dog that you would want to cuddle with, I loved his very masculine, look with the thick nose and blocky head!
Both Lilli and Dexter are past 2 years old now :)

This is Dexter

This is Lilli

Dexter on the left and Lilli on the right

Lilli on the left and Dexter on the right

Lilli on the left and Dexter on the right.

If you have dogs from Grizzly Kennels, stop by for a visit! I'd love to snap some pictures of him/her and put them here on my blog and/or on facebook and my website!

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Random pictures of the little girl puppies 1 week

Here are some pictures of only a few of the females, but they were so cute I thought I'd post them, even if I don't have a picture of each of the 8 females. I have named them all though, at least temporarily!
Here are the names and the (meanings) :
Blanche  (white) French name
Claire (famous one, bright) French name
Fifi ( comes from Josephine) French name
Bambi (child) an Italian name.
Orla (golden lady) Italian name
 Soraya (princess) Greek name
Astrid (divine strength) Italian name
Lalita (playful, lively, charming) Greek/Sanskrit
 The male pup's name is "Alexander"

Here are a few pictures!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sugar and her pups, born June 29th.

Here are some pictures of Sugar and her pups, taken hours after they were born!
9 pups in all, 8 females and 1 male! The male is already spoken for, but the females we are now taking reservations on! 
They just all got their dew claws removed and that went well!
I'm happy with how they're all growing fast and healthy, it looks like we're going to have some beautiful pups coming up! Can't wait till they are a little older and their personalities become more pronounced!
Well, I guess without any further ado here are the pictures!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Polar pictures

This is our up-coming blond male, (Enlish cream) Golden Retriever!
Both his parents are champions, and CGC (canine good citizens)
99.9% of his ancestors in their 5 generation pedigree are all champions as well!
Both his sire and dam have their hip,heart,eye,elbow,patellas and thyroid clearances!
Both Sire and Dam had excellent on their hips, the best rating you can get!
We have looked into getting a blond male for quite some time as we like to have a variety in the shades of Goldens.
Also as we know that it is VERY important to get a puppy from the right lines,  whether he/she is from the American golden Retriever, or English Cream Golden Retriever lines.
 Either way there are good and bad after much research we have found a blond male with healthy lines and an amazing pedigree!
We like to say we have the best of both worlds. From Golden to Creamish Godlen!

7 weeks

6 weeks

7 1/2 weeks

7 1/2 weeks

10 weeks

10 weeks , he loves Gloria.